Clean, cleanse and care is your answer

You know how we eat too much chocolate, drink too much booze, smoke way too much and generally gorge this time of year, right? And doesn’t it seem like all these things have an effect on our skin?

Fret not! Here are a few handy quick tips to keep your skin looking fresh, flawless and make up ready for every party.

  • The key to beautiful skin is no doubt to drink plenty of water, and I don’t mean tonic water in your gin or vodka! Filtered water is one of the best kept secrets most beauty therapists won’t tell you about to keep your skin hydrated and it’s FREE!
  • Get that make up off ladies before bed. Our skin regenerates whilst we are all being sleeping beauties so doesn’t it make sense for our skin to be at its best to be able to do that?
  • Cleanse and then cleanse again. And I don’t mean with those horrid alcohol ridden facial wipes. Cleansing your skin with a good quality natural or organic cream cleanser or wash is quick and removes make up and daily grime, but did you know, if you cleanse twice it cleans deeper into the dermis making your skin super squeaky clean and goes deeper into the pores and gives your skin something to work with whilst we are catching up on our Zzzzs. A handy tip for cleansing with a cream cleanser is to always use damp cotton pads. Using dry cotton pads drags the skin and doesn’t get the cleanser deep into your pores.
  • Tone. Guess what? you can do this with that FREE water! Dampen a couple of cotton pads and wipe away any excess cleanser it’s quick and easy, tightens your pores and yet I know most of us don’t do it!
  • Exfoliate. So I get this might be a chore but it’s not like we need to do this every day. Once a week or even once every other week is good enough as long as we do it. A little effort in this department and your skin will thank you for it and pay you back with glowing skin cells and a smooth finish for applying that party face.
  • Moisturise. Choose your moisturiser wisely and it will be the best investment for your skin. Look for moisturisers that have no chemicals or nasty ingredients. How will you know if it’s nasty, I hear you say? Look at the ingredients and if you can’t pronounce the words I’d stay well away. Keep it simple and your skin will have some healthy food to suck in and keep your skin looking fresher for longer.

These handy tips will help you on your way to keeping your skin super clean, smooth and fresh, ready for those Xmas parties weekend after weekend.