Skin Tightening Light Therapy

Photon Light Therapy 

Photon light therapy has been studied for more than 40 years and has been found to have no known adverse effects.  It uses heat from LEDs to stimulate the natural healing power of cells in the body and is a simple, effective and non-invasive alternative to prescription medicine or surgery. Light therapy is most commonly used on the face to rejuvenate the skin and give a glowing appearance.  However it can be used on the body also.


Our therapist will thoroughly cleanse and prepare the skin using organic OTC facial range and then the LED probe is held close, but not touching, the skin.  Results are immediate and on going.


The benefits of this treatment include:


  • Reduces appearance of fine red lines
  • Brings more blood and nutrients to the area
  • Stimulates production of collagen, plumping up the skin
  • Stimulates elastin production which firms up the skin
  • The red light enhances blood circulation and stimulates capillary production
  • Reduces itchiness and redness
  • Can treat Rosacea, Psoriasis, Acne, Dermatitis, Stretch Marks, Pores and much more!
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • It’s anti-ageing
  • A quick and easy way to achieve ‘glowing skin’
  • No down-time/recovery time
  • Immediate visible results
  • Client can target specific areas
  • Photon Light Therapy requires no anaesthetic, no injections and is non-invasive
  • Photon Light Therapy tones, firms and lifts the skin
  • Photon Light Therapy is recommended after surgery to heal wounds quickly
  • As used by Katie Price, Amanda Holden, Jennifer Anniston and many more.
  • Your can choose a single treatment or a course of treatments
  • It is FAST and EFFECTIVE

£50 per treatment